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February 17, 2011

Week 6: Apricot ~ Delores

"Hurry! I'm losing dark!"

Now that is something I never expected to hear myself say! Wanting to capture the most dark around my candle, I took this photo before sunrise this morning. Naturally my two dogs were eager to go in and out often while I was taking pictures. While standing at the back door waiting for one of our dogs to come inside I caught myself telling her "Hurry, I'm losing dark" because my lighting was going to change the closer to sunrise we got. I knew once the light started coming in through the windows I would not have the look I wanted. I had to chuckle when I realized what I had said. Usually we comment "I'm losing light" when we are outside taking photographs or working on something and we want every last second of precious light we can get. 

I had a lot of fun with my week 6 submission. This candle is called "Apricot Tea" and has a light apricot-y smell to it. (Don't you wish your computer had smell-i-vision? Emeril fans will recognize that phrase.) This was taken with my Olympus SP590UZ. My ISO was 125, Aperture ~ f/3.5, Shutter Speed ~ 1/20, metering was Pattern and focal length was 9.22mm. It was a toss up between the above photo and another photograph with a straight wick. I felt the curve in the wick was more appealing.

The candle appears a deeper shade of Apricot because there were no lights on in the room and I used a black backdrop behind the candle.

Want to see what was underneath the candle? Just for fun I took a photo with a light on behind me. If you look very closely you will see a piece of felt with zebra stripes {grin!} underneath the candle.

My ISO changed to 64 and my shutter speed changed to 1/15 for the photo taken from above the candle.

To learn more about Project 64 and to see other submissions for Apricot, visit the official Project 64: Out of the Box blog (right click on the name to view their site). We would love for you to join the fun. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Another crayon "Out of the Box"


Angela said...

Love this!

Mary BirdSong said...

Delores, that is a beautiful photograph.... I'm glad you were able to take it before you lost your dark. :-)