Two Sisters ~ Have Cameras, Will Travel
We are two sisters who share a love of photography. We dream of traveling together to numerous locations where we can photograph to our hearts' content. We live in different states, but the distance vanishes when we talk about photography and share with each other what we digitally capture.

October 17, 2012

~Angela~ "Faith"

Not sure if I have posted this on here or not.  I took this last year soon after I told someone that my dream would be to travel around the world and take pictures of beautiful locations.  The funny part is that I took this picture while standing in my own driveway.  Maybe it was God's way of showing me that his beauty he has created is all around me.  I just have to take the time to slow down and look around.

~Angela~ "Fall has begun!"

I'm loving the beautiful colors during the Fall.  Here's the view from my back porch.

~Angela~ "Handcrafted by God"

It's the simple things in life that remind me of God's awesome presence.  I took this picture on my way into work this week.  (Sorry the picture quality is not the best, but I had to use my cell phone for this one.)

Angela ~~~ "God's Gift"

Well, it's been so long since I've last posted.  I'm going to post a few pics I've taken recently.  I'll start with this sweet picture of what I will entitle, "God's Gift."  I have a friend that has tried for years to have a baby with no luck.  However, at age 36, she became pregnant with a precious little boy.  He is truly a gift from God!