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We are two sisters who share a love of photography. We dream of traveling together to numerous locations where we can photograph to our hearts' content. We live in different states, but the distance vanishes when we talk about photography and share with each other what we digitally capture.

January 27, 2011

Week 1: Yellow-Green ~ Delores

The First Crayon Out of the Box

Searching for a specific color each week is something new for me. I was looking all over for Yellow Green outside, but it was difficult since it is Winter. Imagine my delight when we visited a new restaurant in the town. When you first walk in the door you see a display of pots with water trickling down from each pot. First crayon out of the box ~ found!!

It is not every day you are able to capture your first crayon out of the box and a restaurant on their first day of business.  Here is their marque celebrating the day:

First Crayon Out of the Box,

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